Pricewise Guarantee


Here at Lampwise we regularly check our prices are the cheapest on Google Shopping but if you do find one of our competitor’s advertising a product cheaper just fill in the form below and we promise to beat the price by 10% of the difference between our price and the competitors so long as it meets the criteria below.


Please fill in the form here or from a product page and we will in contact within 2-3 working days.


A link to the Lampwise product you wish to purchase, along with the size, colour, or version you want


A link to the page on the site where you found the product cheaper


The advertised purchase price (be aware of different product prices for different options)


The competitor’s delivery costs (if delivery is not included in purchase price)


All of Lampwise’s products are eligible for a price discount provided the following criteria are met:


Light bulbs are only eligible for bulk orders


The product is intended for delivery to the UK


The competitor’s product is identical to Lampwise


The competitor’s product is in stock at the time of the price discounting


The competitor’s price is lower even after considering differences in shipping costs


The competitor’s price excludes volume or membership discounts


If a price includes a voucher-type discount, that discount must be live and visible to all site visitors at the time of the price discounting

For more details, please read our Pricewise Terms & Conditions

All of Lampwise’s in stock products except lamps destined for delivery within the UK are eligible for a price discount. However, the following conditions apply:

  • The competitor’s product must be identical to that offered at Lampwise (e.g., same size, colour, specification, model year, etc.)
  • The competitor’s product must be in stock at the time of the price discounting
  • Delivery costs will be considered when comparing prices and will be based on the assumption the given product alone is being ordered. In other words, Lampwise’s delivery cost (where Lampwise does not offer free delivery) will be added to the Lampwise selling price, and the competitor’s delivery cost will be added to its selling price before the price comparison is completed
  • The competitor’s price must be publicly advertised online and verifiable at the time of the price discounts, and cannot include personal or membership discounts. We cannot discount multi-item promotional offers like “buy one get one free”, bulk buying discounts or part exchange discounts.
  • Additional voucher type discounts are accepted but must be live and visible to all site visitors at the time we conduct the price discount. For instance, we will price discount against a competitor’s price inclusive of a voucher discount, but only if the voucher is clearly available to all customers at the time we discount the price
  • The competitor must sell directly to consumers, e.g., no auction or marketplace sites like eBay or Amazon resellers
  • No other promotional offers or loyalty discounts can be used with a product which is price discounted. In other words, discount vouchers cannot be applied to price discounted products to receive a further discount
  • The competitor’s price must be publically available to purchase for at least twenty-four hours. We are unable to price discount ‘flash sale’ competitor promotions available for less than twenty-four hours. This is so we can verify a competitor’s price at the time of discounting.
  • We will not retrospectively discount Black Friday/Mega Monday flash deals.
  • Lampwise reserves the right to decline discounts against competitor prices which reasonably appear to be in error or against illegitimate or counterfeit stock. We also reserve the right to cease or modify this Price discount policy at any time